Ticketyboo Poodle Stud Dogs


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Professionally handled, top quality, health tested Poodle studs.

Our three beautiful Poodle stud boys, two Toy Poodles and one Miniature Poodle are all excellent examples of their breed.

All are well proven, very experienced and very fertile!

Alfie Wilfred

They all have delightful but different personalities and are well known for their superb temperaments.

They carry the very best blood lines and have had the latest DNA/BVA health tests as recommended by the Kennel Club.

They lead a full and energetic life, sharing our Shropshire country cottage, sofas, fireside and gardens with us. They are very much loved and important members of our family and consequently are confident little stud dogs. They are never kennelled.

They are fed a daily supplement developed by specialist vets to maintain a high sperm count in the stud dog so that we can offer a consistently very fertile, reliable service along with regular health testing. Our dogs are renown for siring large litters, so be prepared (although your bitch will dictate what size litter she can physically produce, according to her size and ovulation level).

We support the Dog Trust with regular donations.